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How I think character switching would’ve worked

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Hey, I just had a thought recently. If character switching was in KH3, here’s how I think it would’ve worked:

You press L3 to switch from Sora to Donald and then Donald to Goofy, or press R3 to switch from Sora to Goofy and then Goofy to Donald. This switching would only work during combat, just like in FF7R.

It’s a Game Over if:

  • Sora is K.O.’d regardless of whether or not Donald and/or Goofy are still active
  • The party member you control is K.O.’d when all other party members are K.O.’d (in this case, it’s possible to Game Over as Sora, Donald or Goofy)

Once you’ve Form Changed (and btw, Donald and Goofy would also be able to Formchange), you can’t switch between party members.

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This can work with a BBS2, with Ventus, Aqua and Terra into the Realm of Darkness because they're living the same adventure and not three parallel adventures like in BBS. But i think we will never able to control Donald or Goofy because is weird and for most of the time is useless. But i think it's a great idea for a BBS2.

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