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Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memories Chat

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True but xions original existence was a tragedy

It was a good from the bad situation

And Nort def didn't want her to have sea salt ice cream so screw him

@Plancake inb4 MoM

Is kairi


She uses a voice modifier obv

The switch version is still available to pre order right? Or is it sold out?

Gotta get that one physical

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I'm traveling almost a week after it releases too so it will be perfect

Gonna be able to bring the magic with me!

Also do y'all think during some of the kh3 tracks Donald will point out some ingredients? quack

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But what ever happened to personal achievement annoyedquack

The scenes will be better if you get to them yourself, I still haven't seen the end of Yozora fight but I'ma beat him damnit, can't keep letting him freeze me xD

Just I have done the same thing you mentioned before with other games and it does not feel nearly as satisfying or as hype

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Funny enough I'm talking about spoilers in a different place maybe slightly related maybe not but I'll post it here anyway

The difference being I think is like you know when a trailer comes out and everybody freaks out and has massive discussion about what ever was seen was in the trailer now imagine if instead of experiencing that in the trailer months or more from release you got to experience that moment and all of its insanity this moment it happened in the story that sounds a lot more enjoyable to me and certain games have been robbed of moments like that Kingdom Hearts 3 cough I have learned to stop paying attention to starting from like the third trailer now a days

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