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6 hours ago, Noleen#7811 said:

too much work sry if you ask specific category i can tell you

there really should be a recap or something, one page per category is bad design

Yeah, this site needs to be severely updated.  

Is anyone else getting Pokemon Scarlett and Violet on Saturday?  I have some leaks regarding Springatito and the other Paldea starters.  I just haven't seen anything confirming the evolutions besides eBay sales for Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet, well seemingly from the game and Deviantart. Were the leaks confirmed on Twitter?

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so hey, here's a fun little idea: make a 5-song playlist, but you can only use sonic music. as long as it's from a game or show/movie, it's fair game. hell, you can even use fan-made stuff if you want (like if natewantstobattle did a cover, or something like that)

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1) EternaI Engine - SA2
2) Chun-nan night - UnIeashed
3) UndefeatabIe - Frontiers
4) Knight of the Wind - BIack Knight
5) Dimension Heist - Mania

honestIy there's a Ioooot more but these are the ones l Iisten to most often

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gonna have fIashbacks

fr tho man we as KH fans are shockingIy Iucky
not onIy do we have good remasters that don't ruin the game, but we actuaIIy get good games consistentIy
and even the Ieast Iiked games are stiII decent

imagine being sonic coIours uItimate

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