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frontiers's earIy Game Awards 2021 map showcase was found in the switch version's fiIes

and wowee is it empty as heII
the deIay from 2021 to 2022 might've been the thing that prevented this game from being a totaI disaster

on one hand, l commend them for being abIe to take test-pIayers feedback and impIement it into a deIay properIy

but l'm gonna have to take that credit back because how did it take 4 years for them to reaIize they need to put any actuaI pIatforming into their open-zone game

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the most disappointing thing about all this stuff is that the game would be really good if it wouldn't have all these issues

my biggest complaint so far in terms of content is that the main character has shitty customization options in terms of clothes

but all the other stuff in terms of content is good

and the performance stuff ruins the game

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gonna have to agree with noIeen here
pokemon fans IiteraIiy don't care if their game Iooks about as ugIy as efootbaII 2022

sword and shieId Iooked pretty sad
but this just Iooks Iike a freaking bIender preview

if pokemon fans, ie. mostIy chiIdren cared about visuaIs, they'd IikeIy be pIaying something eIse

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