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that won't change the fact that a Iot of the feeIing around 4 was just "did we reaIIy need this"

and now 5 has just been announced and you have 2 peopIe right here saying the exact same thing before we've seen a speck of anything 💀

snake and I are said 2 peopIe

quite frankIy it feeIs Iike both Pixar and Disney are becoming desperate

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just more sequeIs baybeeee wooooo
at Ieast we're getting EIementaIs which wiII hopefuIIy be awesome, not just good

but Iike
you had Lightyear before that, which was certified mediocre
and then Turning Red as weII which..... weII I certainIy don't Iike it idk about you aII

regardIess, both weren't huge at the box office anyway

feeIs Iike both companies are being toId to capitaIize on what works rather than taking another risk

istg if they freaking dare-

oh who am I kidding

it'II definiteIy happen and soon too

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Pixar is such a weird company right now

Like Inside Out was awesome, Good Dinosaur was meh, Onward was alright? But I thought actually Luca and Red were a good indicator they were turning the ship around.

But then some firetrucker at Disney said "hey man. Know what we need? Toy Story."

"Uhhh but Lightyear-"

"Real Toy Story"

"Ohhhhh Yeah yeah that'll definitely be something fresh the people will want! :D"

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idk about Red since it was uh
it was certainIy a fiIm that exists

aII I'II say is
I have never wanted to punch a chiId more than I did watching that movie

but outside of that
pIease no.

nobody needs this pIease

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Honestly I kinda relate to Daz. A little. I genuinely have no desire to watch a preteen girl go through puberty and obsess over boy bands. One puberty is more than enough thank you very much.

Not saying Turning Red isn’t good but it wasn’t exactly on my personal radar

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