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I do fast travel from time to time, mostly to get done with completion when I'm short on time or need to get that perfect selfie without having to waste too much time. Plus, the subway loading screens are always enjoyable to see.

This feature would have been nice in Spider-Man 2 (2005), especially since there are like 10,000 collectibles in that game

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I made a Spider-people tierlist

though the list included Peter parker a billion times, missed a lot of Spider-Peopeple and included Spider-People I was unfamiliar with

I also just now realized that I didn't put a single Peter parker in it


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meh, Pete is B-Tier, above Miguel

and no, I will not elaborate

and I will not nudge Silk down as Silk is the best Spider-Person no cap

I am honest to god shocked we didn't get Silk in Spider-Verse 1

as she was literally one of the most, if not the most, important character in the Spider-Verse comics

though I'm sure we'll see her in the sequel of which I still haven't seen a single trailer of so please no spoilers

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opinions differ

I just find pete to be bland

it's like vanilla ice cream

sure it tastes great, but why have vanilla when strawberry exist?!

wait hold on

on a technicality I did include Peter Parker twice

or well... clones of him... which is basically him

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