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I've never made a big deal about the Switch OS; seeing how I usually spend a maximum of five seconds on the home screen anyway, but I totally agree that the eshop is very poorly optimized.

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Let's run down the list here:

1. Yes definitely. Shouldn't have to dig through system settings for this.
2. ...What media apps?
3. The system sorts by most recently played by default, but being able to pin a specific game would be nice.
4. Not sure I see the practical application of sorting your friend list.
5. Ehhhh...I guess? I barely use this feature on ios so idk...
6. I suppose it would be a nice extra. Don't really care that much about personalizing my Switch.

Things to add:
-Switching bluetooth audio from the home screen
-Switching wifi from the home screen
-Add to cart button for eshop

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Adding elemental surges into Master Raids is a big miss, it literally just makes it easier. Master Raids need to change, no reason to do them other then get a title and a adept weapon, which normal weapons can just get enhanced perks anyway, sure adept weapons can get enhanced perks now later but its not enough lol

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……so discord takin’ away 1080p videos now too huh

geez they’re REALLY desperate for you get Nitro

why add features when you can just poach pre-existing features!

this wonderfuI RE4 gamepIay was recorded at 1080p 60fps

but it onIy appears as gross-ass 720p 30fps

there ain’t no way I can show off how good a game Iooks on video anymore Imao

thank you discord I reaIIy appreciate it

we’re Iike a year away from the Iimiting voice caIIs to 30 minutes without nitro I just know it

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