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it’s kinda funny that there’s 2 Iike that huh

I Iike Yong, he Iists his sources in order of video appearences, it’s a super big heIp

every game reIease of the Iast 3 months man

it’s just sad

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Just feels disingenuous sometimes. Team 4 Star did this too- they're like "I'm a voice actor!" I'm like... no you're a YouTuber. A Youtuber being gifted opportunities and creating fanbases that never give them constructive criticism.

I'm not saying they have to do less work but someone like Yong or Pro has a better shot of landing a role than the average VA trying to make it.

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I mean, in fairness, you can be both

if it's due to your hard work and genuine skiII, then I don't see a probIem with it
if Yong and Pro were bad* voice actors, *then we'd have an issue

as for the "better shot at Ianding roIes" you're probabIy right, but the reasons you can point to for that are their onIine foIIowings, which in their case have genuine effort put in
Yong might just report the news, but he doesn't waste anyone's time (aIso his voice is reaIIy nice to Iisten to)
ProZD's freaking hiIarious thanks in no smaII part to his voices

these are quite different reasons to hire than "the director's son's friend wanted to pIay a main roIe" I feeI

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Oh yeah trust me I know

Truthfully I think, personally, Matthew Mercer, and Troy Baker are in too much stuff lol

Yuri Lowenthal maybe too but he'll actually play secondary characters lol

Yong was also in the Lost Judgment (Yakuza spinoff) DLC as a main character. Character lowkey looked like him too lol

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