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the main villain of ffxiv shadowbringers is a genocidal maniac that wants to erase multiple worlds to recreate his own world which previously got seperated into these multiple worlds and people accused SE of promoting genocide because of the villain having a point

"how can you make this guy sympathetic!111"

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and people who liked him got harassed by this weird group of people and called everyone that liked him genocide apologists

meanwhile one of these guys who called people genocide apologists on twitter actively promotes the russian side in the ukraine war

absolute piece of shit

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the dude got also blacklisted by almost every final fantasy content creator

and then continues to cry on twitter how toxic all these people are towards him

and calls everyone who disagrees with him a narcissist

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I unironically was thinking about making a video about the endwalker drama because there's a lot but I am afraid that I will get harassed

it's really not worth it

but all the shit that happened is really really firetrucking funny


this was peak in endwalker

nothing will ever top this

yoshi p even had to write a blog post regarding it

the one guy who snitched is a firetrucking legend

he exposed his entire group lmao

the guy who made this video is a World of Warcraft legend and his description of this content being the most difficult content in any MMORPG is accurate which makes the entire cheating case even worse

because my god were people pissed

and the game master were firetrucking savage. They made the cheaters delete their rewards from their inventories

Yoshi P even said that if this happens again they will entirely stop creating this type of content

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