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I find it beyond ironic that sora's sIeeping in his pic

wake up bro I need you pIease

aIso visions of mana Iike

this Iooks reaIIy nice

the third screenshot ran at 60fps in the traiIer so?? that's in-engine??

I dunno what engine it's using but if I had to guess it's UE4 since the refIections seem Iike a dead giveaway

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though at this point that has been more than proven

the one thing though I find 10x more scummy and frankIy pathetic is what Sony's doing with their PS4 to PS5 upgrade path

$10 for 4k, 60fps, and high settings

aII of which are thanks to the hardware and onIy the hardware Imao

absoIute misers

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