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I mean the first time I've seen this type news was around the sametime there were news circulating about celebrities do violent things while in other countries, but his has been ongoing hasn't it?

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…okay after a bit of refIection on the topic

is Crisis Core Reunion reaIIy a remaster or remake
because it has cutscene and quite a many gamepIay animations from the originaI PSP version

they don’t share any modeIs or assets beyond that, and the CG cutscenes

main thing here is that l consider OOT 3D a remake even tho it’s IiteraIIy using the N64 version’s source code, the sheer number of remade assets outweighs the amount of resued stuff


l’mma consider it a remake untiI further notice

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for me remake = made from scratch / remaster = reuse anything, be it 1% or 99%, from original

there are just lazy/useless remasters and actually good ones

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