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Hi all!

Just a quick question, probably rather simple, I'm probably just not getting a simple interpretation here. Haven't seen any details online or on this forum on this though, so seemed worth asking.

In KH3's party customization section--can anyone tell me what exactly is meant, what is the distinction, between "Use As Needed" and "Use in Emergencies" in the options for "Recovery"?
I guess I see them as pretty much the same thing. If anything, I would expect "Use in Emergencies" to be the less frequent of the two, but that just seems odd to me, because you'd think they'd list the options in some sort of gradation, like from least frequent to most frequent. If Emergencies is least frequent, then they slapped that right in the middle for some reason.

Anyways, any in-depth detail anyone has on this stuff is appreciated! If there's nothing deep and it's a super simple set of options, all the better! Thanks in advance, folks!

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Basically "Use in emergencies" is when their health would be critically low, meaning their picture will be flashing red with them looking exhausted. So yes they would use items less frequently.

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