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Best field music for a recurring world

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As numerous worlds have made multiple appearances in the series, a few have gotten different music you can explore the world to. Out of these worlds, which of the field themes is better? For example, The World That Never Was has Sacred Moon in KH2 and Sacred Distance in Dream Drop Distance, the latter of which I'm more partial to because of my memories of traversing the Contorted City and Riku's journey through The Castle That Never Was. Of course some worlds like Agrabah and Halloweentown keep the same music (although Christmastown could be counted as a region of the Halloweentown world).

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I've always been a fan of the way Hollow Bastion's field theme takes on a new form in each of its iterations, but ultimately the original in KH1 is still my favorite of these (although I loved the new mix in ReMind as well).

Also, I'm a big fan of both Neverland themes so I can't really choose which is better. Days' version is mysterious and musically interesting, while the BBS version is cheerier (including a possible allusion to You Can Fly at the beginning of its main melody) and fits that game better.

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