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12 minutes ago, Willow A113 said:

Woah! I love the mirror effect! I kinda wish you posted a flipped version alongside this version tho xD

Thank you!! And I would have but the amount you can post on here is so limited I decided not too :/ I posted a few versions on my Twitter and Instagram if you wanted to see them!

Instagram: chris.arts5

Twitter: @ArcaneKeyblade

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16 hours ago, Double OKP said:

Wow this is amazing! The mirror especially is an awesome effect! :D

Thank you so much, Im glad it worked out decently well! :D

13 hours ago, WakelessDream said:

The mirror aesthetic is the best part of this, I’m not super big on KHCoM but this might be my favorite piece of  all your “Final Battle” artworks just because of it! :D 

Well I'm glad that it worked out!! XD Thank you a lot!! :D

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