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Delenn Deszcz

Looking Back on March Caprice 2020: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts

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March Caprice: A Celebration of Kingdom Hearts was a virtual gathering of fans of the Kingdom Hearts series that showcased the talents, passions, and projects of the community! We wanted to provide this virtual gathering as an opportunity to have the community come together to celebrate each other and our work, as well as celebrate the anniversary of our beloved Kingdom Hearts series!

During this event, anyone and everyone was encouraged to sign up and show off their content; it ranged from podcasts about the game to video streams to even game mods. The event took place last weekend from March 27th to March 28th online over the course of two days during Kingdom Hearts' 19th Anniversary. If you missed the event though, that's okay! You're always free to check out the Discord (in the #current-event channel) and the artist alley on the website, which showcased everyone's amazing works, ranging from wow-inducing Minecraft creations to beautiful charms.

The list of events during the March Caprice is as follows, starting from the first video posted:
(Events in bold were livestreams on Twitch and might only be around for a limited time!)

MARCH 27th

MARCH 28th

We hope to see this event take place next year for Kingdom Hearts' 20th Anniversary!

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Thank you for putting together a list of all of the content produced for the event. It makes it a lot easier to browse. I had fun creating those vocal covers as part of March Caprice and hope that the event is held again in future!

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