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Dark Aura Tests

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attempt of creating a Kingdom Hearts style Dark Aura around certain characters using Adobe After Effects. I chose Bakugo here as I always felt Seasons 1-2, he was oozing in such Darkness that if he was in Kingdom Hearts...yeah, he'd use it willingly.
I'm satisfied more with this version. Hope you enjoy.
I do NOT own the footage, this was nearly used as a test run. My Hero Academia belongs to Funimation and was created by Kōhei Horikosh.
Version 2:
Version 1:
Version Two is my latest update.
If you'd like to see my crudest attempt, please see the Frollo Death re edit in the link below
Edited by KiraNort

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1 hour ago, Sorasentry said:

Funny how you used Kacchan as I am working on a KHxMHA project, It's called My Keyblade Academia, look for it on Fanfiction. Can't post the link here

Is he close to falling to darkness in certain parts?

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You need to read it to know, I won't spoil it. But it's a great retelling of the MHA story and an alternative continuation of KH's story leading into a different version of Phase 2

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