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Sora Joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as Final DLC Fighter

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i just kinda adapted as the controllers changed. we had gamecube controllers from melee, so we had extra controllers when brawl came out. you either got a gc controller or a wii remote, so you had to learn to be able to use both. then ultimate comes out on the switch and you learn to use joycons due to both a lack of pro controllers and gc adapters. to this day i still use joycons but will gladly use a gc controller or wii remote if necessary (mostly for older games, but still)

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I wouldnt say one the slow side

but hes like corrin speed

also ppl thought he was gonna be as toxic as bayo cuz of upB side B

it weirdly combos badly

like tis great for recoveries

but when you up B the opp gets sendt upwards

and side B always starts to the side

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