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Xion's Theme is folk music: Here's why! (Video essay)

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Xion's character isn't the only thing shaped by memories. The way her theme evolved and was shaped by different people as they showcased their interpretations of it reveals many things about the potential of fandom when it comes to the production of media and the learning of new skills, as well as leaving lasting impacts on listeners. How did the wish to participate in an on-going folk process of covers end up shaping the way "Vector to the Heavens" and "Musique pour la Tristesse de Xion" are perceived by general online audiences?

Been a while since I share anything here, but here's me sharing the current state of my research about Vector to the Heavens! This is... definitely a lot more academic than I'm used to, so I'm curious what you guys might think about it! I put a ton of love into the research, the editing, and everything else that went into this video. I hope it pays off!


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