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Character Files Question(s)

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Hey everyone, finally got a hold of the new Kingdom Hearts Character Files, and a few things in here have made me stop and check what I thought I knew. There will sometimes be discrepancies in terminology due to translation either of the book or the in-game scripts, but this made me feel pretty certain it was an error...



Anyone got some evidence on who exactly 'gave' Riku and Mickey new Keyblades? I was very much under the impression that it was (Former Keyblade Master) Yen Sid. I've been recently replaying all the games and haven't gotten to III yet to check in-game myself.


I will post anything else I find that seems amiss or requires clarity, but I hope anyone who has any similar questions feels free to submit them to this thread.

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19 hours ago, Movies798 said:

I believe it was Nomura himself in one of his interviews that said Yen Sid was the one who made Riku and Mickey's new Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3.

I'm struggling to find a source for it. There are unofficial sources that state that Riku and Mickey go to Merlin for their new weapons, but I can't find an interview or anything that would suggest that it was Yen Sid. The whole giving Keyblades away thing is notoriously glossed over in more than one area 😅

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