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How KH III should have opened

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If there was one version of KH3’s opening that plenty of people had in mind, it’s that it should have opened with Xehanort being the tutorial character. But my opening would be a lot bigger.

My version would start with the Keyblade War and the Foretellers, and then we move on to Xehanort’s beginnings, the chess scene with Eraqus, his Mark of Mastery, kind of like a big prologue a la Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II. Then we would show the seekers of darkness altogether like in the ReMind scene and then Master Xehanort decides to pay Sora a visit who is trying to make himself stronger with the help of the Dream Eaters. MX shows up and he and Sora exchange a few words, with him introducing himself, trying to explain why he is doing all of this and why he wanted Sora to be his latest vessel. Sora of course, says he will not be joining his seekers anytime soon and tells MX about how he manipulated Terra (he got this from Yen Sid) and they both promise a fair fight in the future. This scene shows how intelligent Sora has gotten since the sleeping worlds and it sets up a relationship between the two that we should have gotten in the game.

Any ideas? How would you open the game? If you think it needs improvement, let me know.

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