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It’s the in-game command menu so I doubt you’re building keyblades on the fly. Though imagine if you could combine two keyblades on the fly.

My crackpot theory is that, if the command truly does mean ‘Build’, you’ll be able to change Sora’s build on the fly. It could be something like swapping out ability sets and gear with a couple button pushes or maybe it changes Sora’s form to a different attack style (offensive -> defensive or strength focused -> magic focused)

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Listening to the proper KH music comp on Apple Music for the first time and here’s an oddity I noticed: the title of Yozora’s battle theme is in German. Nachtflügel, which apparently translates to something like Darkwing or Night Wings. I already knew Yozora is latin for ‘Night Sky’. Is Yozora meant to be some kind of dark angel to Sora?

I’m probably reading into it too much. I also found it weird that the ‘nort court all had Italian track titles.

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