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Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

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its safe to assume anything that appears in quadratum is more realistic/modern looking

hence why Sora has a more realistic appearance then we know via normal KH reality

also a good chance only heartless&humans* will visit quadratum. Doubt we will see a more modern looking goofy/donald/mickey

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unless missing link gets delayed theres no reason it wouldnt come out before kh4, even if kh4 were to come out this year

but considering we already have missing link trailer and testing

wouldnt put it past them to release both new trailers around the same time

weeks or a month apart

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It's January 21st of the year 2025||, you finished preloading KHIV the day before on your PS5 you got as a reward for fighting off Russians in the last Ukrainian war.
You are ready to press X to launch the game but nothing appears as background when hovering the game, just a black void and no music.
You think it's just a bug that will be fixed in a later patch for 5 bucks.
You are filled with excitement as the Disney and Square Enix logo pop on your black screen, there is another name that pops up, Play Plus, but you don't know about it and don't pay too much attention.
The black screen then explodes in red crystals and show the VERUM REX title screen with a action-rock remix of Yozora's theme.
WTF ? That's not what I bought !
You think. But might as well try it out.
You spend 10 hours in a dark Tokyo-like city, fighting robots, not understanding anything the characters are talking about but going with the flow.
At some point during a supposedly normal cutscene, the game glitch out and Yozora ends up in a dark place, with just the sky and the moon.
A familiar scene plays out but you feel like you missed on something very important because of this glitch...
Then you fight Sora, you don't want to beat him and let him hit you.
Game Over.
You decide to fight him again and sadly win the battle, turning him into a crystal.
The game then glitch again and crash, your console freeze and you have to restart it.
The black screen is gone, you see familiar faces and hear a familiar tone, ready to start|| KHIV.

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Do you guys think they'll show anything in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Japan concerts? There's one in Osaka on the 19th of this month and another next month

Actually they have 2 days back to back next month

Man I wish I could go ;-;

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Yeah that's what I'm thinking ^

Because at the rate Nomura and the staff are going with the development (like how Quadratum and the forest in Star Wars looked hella nice), 4 will be out not too long from now honestly

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2nd yeah dude, from what I see and hear, I really think next year is the year for 4. It'd make sense too, Stranger was out last year, and the CC remake, then this year is Forspoken, FF16, and 7R part 2.

Next year they're gonna need something, and, that means KH has 2024 aaallll to itself lol

Another thing to add to this I remebered; they did the same thing with that orchestra tour in 2017.


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