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Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

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he can be like sion from the bouncer. hes basically 21 years old sora

he behaved like sora but in an adult body so you can expect sora to be like that in the future


thats a life. im not even mature and im 32 too much immaturity mentally

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I couIdn't even attempt to compose a KH4 titIe screen but
there's this
it doesn't work in widescreen at aII and that bugs me a Iot

KH4's titIe screen
the dearIy beIoved
there's so IittIe we know

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I still believe that ML won't matter. Melody of Memory doesn't really matter either tbh

the information you get from MoM will be in KH4 anyway

I find the thought that Nomura will likely not soft reboot the story scarier tbh

expecting people to play 10+ games before they can start with KH4 is crazy

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I hope so. But still KH missing link , verum rex , and then scala Ed caelum. It's like KH lost it's identity. I miss that moment KH 3 still hype based on trailer

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I'm with you on MoM but ML I'm almost positive will come into play. the next saga is centered around the lost masters, and ML will likely play an important role in moving the pieces into place with Luxu, Brain, maybe Strelitzia, maybe Ava. Not to mention Mickey was sent there to dig up info, info which will most certainly be appearing in ML

then again, they could always have Mickey find the information and give the players an info dump of everything you need to know from ML so you don't have to play it yourself

either way, ML is still important imo

just like ux was important in setting up the next saga, ML will probably be important in solidifying that information for the next saga

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