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Kingdom Hearts 4 Chat

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they're there own people

and someone hasn't read the manga or played days og

I'm not that serious about this but look it is hinted at lmao

lemme find the handholding blushing scene


theres more than this but ye

also in days og there's a scene directly comparing them to sora and kairi

I forget if it made it into the movie

it's kind of funny though it

It's kind of funny though, it's like they decided to retcon the kh2 roxas and namine thing after they thought up xion

Apparently the novels kind of push riku and namine so that might explain them doing that more recently as well

I can't see them fully confirming any of these though tbh. Sora and Kairi maybe but even they probably won't. It is mostly about friendship after all, even if they hint at stuff in places

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@Snakeskin94_1642611873 Non-shipping scenario time:

Sora bumps into MoM for the first time in Shibuya and briefly fights him out of confusion. MoM makes a snarky comment to get him riled up and as Sora was about to hit him hard af, MoM stops the keyblade's movement with only two fingers and says "You really think you can beat ME? laughs playfully* How cute!!" Then, he jumps back and points up towards Hikari-E, "But, I think instead of fighting me, you should be fighting *that!" and that's when the big ass realistic Darkside appears

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what if MoMs ultimate plan is to destroy all the worlds with darkness&heartless so the people can cross over to quadratum?

if they go extinct, then quadratum just has normal corruption. Nobody needs to fight darkness anymore

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