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What system do you think Kingdom Hearts IV will be on?

What system do you think Kingdom Hearts IV will be on?  

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  1. 1. What system do you think Kingdom Hearts IV will be on?

    • Current Gen (PS5/XBox Series X|S) Only
    • Last Gen (PS4/XBox One/Switch) Only
    • Cross Gen

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Next gen and PC definetly. The trailer looks so good but FF7R could run at 30fps at 900p-1080p on base PS4 and prob they'd want the game to look good and run at 60fps like all KH games since PS4 remasters

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I think the industry's budget still doesn't allow full-fledged 9th gen titles. Technology for developing proper games that take FULL advantage of today's consoles is still being developed and tested (namely Ray Tracing and its APIs), plus the market share for 8th gen consoles is still strong. People is moving on from the previous to the new quite slowly. Just take a look at many titles that were eagerly announced for PS5 and Xbox Series, but had to be taken back and released on PS4 and Xbox One as well, thanks to a variety of factors that might be present when KH4 releases, or then again, maybe not. One never knows with these companies. But that's not to say that they might not get arrogant and develop their titles solely for next-gen consoles, even if they can perfectly be adapted to 8th gen systems. Kingdom Hearts games have never been extremely demanding experiences. KH3 is only poorly optimized, but it is not by any means the most demanding game of the systems it was released for. Before anyone tries to argue that, please do take a look at Uncharted 4, Halo Infinite, The Last of Us Part II, Red Dead Redemption II, God of War, and so on. Now THOSE games really squeezed the life out of their respective systems. Nomura and their team are just not cut out for optimizing their games.

In my opinion, KH4 should be released cross-generationally. But that's just wishful thinking. I don't have the money to afford any new consoles for just one game, AGAIN. On the other hand, they didn't announce any platforms, which makes me doubt about how long in development the game actually is, or how well it currently is. I for sure wouldn't expect a release date for as early as 2024. My guess is sometime around 2025 or 2026, with PS5, Xbox Series and PC as targets.

(If I were to play KH4 in a console instead of PC, which I'd rather like, I'd choose the Xbox Series S, for it's cheaper and still competent for 9th gen titles, and I'd keep my PS4 for all of the games I already bought for it. No more PS consoles for me for a long while)

What I meant with my first paragraph is that games are every time more expensive to produce, yet the price tag for each copy must remain 60 or below. When people heard about 70 dollar games, everyone wanted to freak out. Guess what? If you want 9th gen games, get ready for standarizing the 70 dollars price tag.

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