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Kingdom Hearts fan shares beginner-friendly & comprehensive video detailing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix speedrun history

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Speedrunning has been a constant practice in the Kingdom Hearts fandom, with there being an admirably dedicated community intently focused on maximizing their results with the hobby. However, the history of how these speedruns began and eventually grew has only been known by those who partook in or viewed them during the appropriate times. 

Though recently, Kingdom Hearts speedrun community member Saiyanz constructed a remarkable video intricately detailing the growth of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix's speedrunning scene. Saiyanz provides insight and objectivity regarding the runners responsible for pushing the game's limits, the routes used to make these feats possible, and an excellent timeline.

Further, this video's commentary, also done by Egglamation, is beginner-friendly. It explains most concepts and terminology that those unfamiliar with the speedrun scene would not ordinarily be aware of.

Above all else, this video can be perceived as a collective celebration of the Kingdom Hearts speedrunning scene, so congratulations to Saiyans for taking the time to make such a stellar breakdown.

You can view Saiyanz' video chronicling the history of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix speedruns below:


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