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[UPDATE] Samantha Thavasa reveals Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary merchandise

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UPDATE (5/31/2022) : Each item is now available for pre-order until June 26th, 2022. We have updated our galleries with respective product images and have added hyperlinks to each store page. Additionally, shipments are expected to occur in early November 2022. 

Following the announcement of Japanese luxury fashion brand Samantha Thavasa collaborating with Kingdom Hearts' 20th anniversary, the celebratory products have finally been unveiled. Each item is viewable via our galleries below alongside their respective price points and store links. 

Aitai Kuji store links are listed in this article's conclusion. 

The first wave of products, save for the strap depicting Sora's Station of Awakening, is themed around Sora and Riku. 

Round Zip Long Wallet - ¥27,500

L-Zip Fold Wallet - ¥22,000

Round Zip Key Case - ¥15,400

Pouch - ¥12,100

Mini Shoulder Pouch - ¥12,100

Bag Charm - ¥6,050 each

The second wave of products is themed around Organization XIII.

Organization XIII Wallet (¥27,500) / Keychain (¥6,050)

Organization XIII Smartphone Shoulder Bag - ¥22,000

Organization XIII King Mickey Backpack - ¥27,500

Organization XIII Bag Charm - ¥4,400

The final wave of products comprises Keyblade charms, with all 7 making up an obtainable collection. However, each charm will also have its own dedicated store page. The individual charms cost ¥4,950, while the collection housing all of them costs ¥13,200.

Thanks to @rote_punkt on Twitter for sharing the collective hub page revealing all of these products

UPDATE (6/1/2022) Aitai Kuji has now listed each of the aforementioned items on its digital storefront. These items' store links are provided below alongside their price points, which differ from Samantha Thavasa's. No estimated shipment times are available yet. 

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What kind of proxy services do you guys recommend or know of? Also is the collection box separate purchase from all the keychains or does it actually include all of them?

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