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What do you think was the most shocking revelation of Dark Road?

What do you think was the most shocking revelation of Dark Road?  

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  1. 1. What do you think was the most shocking revelation of Dark Road?

    • Bragi's survival
    • Xehanort shaved his head
    • The Robed Person was actually the Player
    • Bragi was actually Luxu

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While the robed person actually being the Player was a cool reveal, I feel like it wasn't as shocking as Bragi being Luxu. I guess it was because, since the Player being reborn was a pretty recent revelation, finding out that they were reborn as the Player from Missing Link instead of as Xehanort didn't seem like a shocking twist, more like a clarification of who they were reborn as. Meanwhile, I wasn't expecting to see Luxu at all, so finding out that he was Bragi, especially after being led to believe that Bragi had been killed by Baldr, was quite the shocking reveal (even though I guess, in hindsight, I should have seen it coming since "Bragi" is just "Braig" with one letter moved around).

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I'm surprised that there is no option for Baldr. Am I only one who didn't expect him to be a villain? Apart from that most unexpected revelation was that we are not Xehanort.

But, to be honest, I think that in DR was nothing "shocking".  It was more like "oh, that how it is. Alright."

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mainly the fact that I called that we WERE NOT reincarnated into Xehanort since the finale of UX, and I finally have sweet vindication


The connection between Ephemer and Xehanort was neat, not for Xehanort but the fact the Eraqus is still supposed to be a "blue blood" keyblade Wielder so if Ephemer isn't his ancestor that opens up the door for someone else, of course Brain is the most likely candidate, going back to their physical similarities, but I don't know if Brain would be considered "blue blood"  up until now, of course Missing Link is supposedly all about bloodlines so no doubt we will learn more on that, excited for that


Another thing that was basically confirmed, and again, I called it (not trying to be a show off, but I've been holding on to this for years while everyone was making up theories saying how Ava was either Subject X, Kairi's Grandma, Xehanort's Mom, blue robe guy or pretty much anyone else they needed for their theory to work) is that Player was totally faking it when was "taken over by darkness" and fought Skuld and Ephemer in the UX finale,  some believed he had the last of the 6 remaining darknesses and fought it off to seal off the other 4 (leaving only the one in Ven) but I think this confirmed that we have remaining ancient darkness unaccounted for, which I believe MoM's plan with Xehanort all along, to turn him into another Vessel for the last darkness, that's why he as so interested in making him do something with his power and making him more resistant to darkness, giving him the coat and telling him that he would outgrow it eventually, also sending him to see the world and experience conflict and strife to make him the perfect lure for a darkness looking to possess a strong heart (just like he did with his apprentices and the whole traitor and war)

Would explain his cheeky line of "a keyblade wielder willing to side with the darkneeeeessss?" the MoM may be weird and pragmatic, some may even say his methods are cruel, but everything he does is in order to defeat the ancient darkness, so he would not be so willing to have Xehanort just go and side with his lifelong enemy

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