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Announcing March Caprice III; Trailer, Entry Details, Organizers & More

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We are thrilled to announce that March Caprice will return in 2023 from March 24th through March 26th! Following March Caprice 2.0, this third iteration of the event will feature improvements and adjustments to foster a smoother and more enjoyable experience for all parties involved. 


For those unaware, March Caprice is a virtual gathering of Kingdom Hearts fans with the aim of showcasing projects and talents from the community. Prospective entrants can apply via various fields, such as illustrations, cosplay, and merchandise, under the Artists' Alley banner. Then, said work will be highlighted on the official March Caprice website  as well as the Twitch and YouTube channels. 

Further, music entries can be entered into the returning Concert Soireé. Several musicians can unite under this special event. Although, those not yearning to be a part of the concert can premiere their musical projects on their individual channels, with cross-promotion via the March Caprice Twitter account

Moreover, content creators can submit pre-recorded videos or livestream entries that will then premiere on their channels. Every showcase will be divided into time blocks so each entrant can shine. Writers can also submit entries consisting of fanfictions or informative essays. However, written content can't exceed 3,000 words. 

The Tutorials page on the March Caprice website houses directions for each avenue of submission. 

It is also worth noting that all entries have to be SFW (Safe for Work) and must not depict shipping. View the FAQ page for more intricate details regarding what is allowed, alongside the timeline for submissions and related material. 

The organizers for March Caprice III comprise the following individuals:

If you're yearning to submit an entry for any of the fields discussed above, feel free to do so via the home page of the March Caprice website. Final submissions are due on March 4th, 2023. 

For anyone who wants to relive the previous March Caprice or experience it for the first time, you can view the March Caprice 2022 YouTube playlist housing each video. 

Lastly, the March Caprice III announcement trailer is viewable below:


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