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In case any Kingdom Hearts fan has missed it: the online fan event, March Caprice, is coming back around next year. I already signed up to be an illustrator and a writer. Although I have time to create my contributions, I don’t fully know what they will be about.

Right now, I have an idea about drawing Sora with Final Fantasy Versus XIII in mind. It’s the writing part that I want to figure out. So far, I am thinking about writing something for Kairi, whether it’s a story or a discussion piece. Maybe if I bounce off some ideas, I can come up with a base plan to work off of.

If I take the story path, I want the time setting planted in-between Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts IV. The current ideas for the actual story are to focus on Kairi’s mentality and her opinions about her history, or rather her “weakness.” Would Aqua be a good mentor for Kairi or would Aqua end up restricting Kairi’s growth? Will there be a problem that requires the Guardians to deal with? Aside from Sora’s disappearance and the Lost Masters/Foretellers.

If I take the discussion path, I might end up talking about what I would like for Kairi’s future post-Melody of Memory. I may have already mentioned a few ideas for a Kairi game (click here for reference), but I wouldn’t mind talking about it more as a conversation. All while coming up with new ideas that add up. There are already some concepts worth exploring, like the World Order.

Ultimately, I want to see a game story that is about Kairi as the active protagonist. I want to know more about her as a human being, and none of the magical damsel role from the previous games. Who is Kairi without relying on Sora in any form? Who is she on her own and with other people? What does she like and dislike?

Here is the question I should ask: how do you write Kairi as a person?

Thanks for reading.

(Also on DeviantArt)

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