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Kingdom Hearts Jam Home Made + Bounty Hunter Bracelets, Necklaces, Shirts & Parkas Revealed

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Japanese retailer Jam Home Made has listed a plethora of new Kingdom Hearts merchandise comprising necklaces, bracelets, shirts, and parkas. 

All purchases require an account to be made, and overseas shipping appears possible based on the Tenso service viewable at the bottom of the website

Each item's store page is hyperlinked below, alongside pricing and galleries housing officially shared images:

Silver King Mickey Necklace - ¥25,300

Black King Mickey Necklace - ¥25,300

Kingdom Key Bracelet  - ¥25,300

Way to the Dawn Bracelet - ¥25,300

Kingdom Key D Bracelet - ¥25,300

Bounty Hunter - White Shirt - Black Silhouette King Mickey - ¥7,480

Bounty Hunter - Black Shirt - Black Silhouette King Mickey - ¥7,480

Bounty Hunter - Black Shirt - White Silhouette King Mickey - ¥7,480

Bounty Hunter King Mickey Black Silhouette Parka - ¥16,280

Bounty Hunter King Mickey White Silhouette Parka - ¥16,280


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