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Question About Writing Kairi

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I might have already asked this before; I maybe should ask this on the Kingdom Hearts general forum, but I'm going to ask:

How would you write Kairi as an actual character or a living person?

Kairi may have an inconsistent character based on the source material. The numbered titles were written by different writers, and the spin-offs rarely showed Kairi. So, how would anyone do justice when writing Kairi? 

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I saw your other post about this (KH General or Creative Media is fine) xD I'm not one to do deep dives into characters and analyses on them rather I enjoy reading other people's takes on it, so I'l try to help as much as I can, but I don't know if it will be what you're looking for. 

But that being said I would ask what a compelling, well written character is to you? For me some of the characters I like across different types of media are the ones that have relatable flaws, and that we get to see grow and overcome those challenges/flaws as we see them progress, to an eventual point where they're able to guide or lead other characters through their own challenges. Maybe we get to see this in Kairi over the course of the games but not nearly as much as we probably could have.

Maybe think about Kairi's best and worst qualities and try to build upon both? We already know she doesn't like to be sidelined ("this time I'll fight" and wanting to join Riku to find Sora after the events of MoM) so that could be a start. You entertained whether Aqua would be the best person to take Kairi under her wing or if she would just hold Kairi back, maybe think of how she would pair up with others instead. Ven seems like he would make for an interesting choice, maybe he's too similar to Sora, but we also see he has some similarities to Kairi as well (in BbS, having a heart void of darkness, constantly being told he needs protection, and being sidelined as well when he wanted to take an active role in things).

I know these may be obvious or things you might have already thought about, but hopefully it helps you to some degree, happy to continue the conversation here and help you bounce off ideas. :) 

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So far, I think Kairi would be fine around elderly characters. Two out of three major relationships with elderly characters were positive, after all. As for the third one...it's Xehanort. 

The major known hobby Kairi has so far is writing. Specifically, writing letters. I mean, outside secret reports, the only other person who writes about their experiences was Roxas with his diary. So maybe Kairi could keep personal records of her own adventures if given the chance. I don't know if I want her to be stuck with any traditional hobbies like shopping and cooking. The only other hobby she had was crafts, since she made the Oathkeeper Wayfinder in the original Kingdom Hearts.

As far as we know about Kairi's education, she was probably in high school. Sora and Riku end up losing a year of education because they were away from Destiny Islands. I know school doesn't always mean experience, but Kairi might have some advantages over the boys thanks to her learning.

Kairi at her best and at her worst: I'm thinking about when Ellie (The Last of Us Part II) and Atreus (God of War) were at their individual best and worst versions of themselves. Ellie at her best in The Last of Us Part II is someone who can love and can have fun with those she loves. One example of Ellie in her darkest hours would be how she dealt with Nora. Atreus is generally a good and friendly kind, but he does become violent and rude with people during one segment of his initial game. Now, what about Kairi, when will she be at her best and how far will she go into her "darkness?"

How dependent is Kairi? I fear she is too dependent on Sora and that needs to be addressed eventually. There is also the question about how dependent Kairi is with her Keyblade. If she can't use it, how far can she go through her adventures without it?

Her relationships with characters like Sora, RIku, and Aqua are also important. We tend to think of Kairi and Sora as romantic partners, but we never get their daily interactions like Roxas and Xion had. We are told that Riku and Kairi are good friends, but when they chat, it's either about Sora or the plot. Hopefully we get to SEE something from her time with Aqua.

The final question can be the basis for a story about Kairi and her own adventures while Sora is AWOL. Maybe give her a journey where she can't rely on the other Guardians of Light for help. One that explores her life and her humanity. 



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I wouldn't say that she hates sacrifice as an abstract. I imagine that she could hate one of her friends having to sacrifice themselves in part or in whole. No one likes seeing their friends suffer. For Kairi, a heart of pure light, perhaps this could be even more pronounced? You can even write it where Kairi doesn't mind sacrifice performed by her so much as she minds it when it's performed by her loved ones. This could be an interesting parallel to Sora, who I would perceive as being of the same mind. 

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