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If You Could Want One Disney/Final Fantasy World To a Kingdom Hearts Game, Which One Will It Be?

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Okay, everyone! I think I should create a Kingdom Hearts fan game called Kingdom Hearts: Days Between (set between Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory and Kingdom Hearts IV). If you could have one world in the game what will it be? Halloween Bastion is my idea of a world. It was a Halloween version of Radiant Garden as the  result of Jack Skelington visiting ever since King Deoxys' birth.

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10 hours ago, TrinityXaos# said:

Who is King Deoxys?

What is the tone for the fan game? What's the story premise?

A Final Fantasy world I wouldn't mind seeing is probably Ivalice. 

A boy born from the hearts of Sora, Eraqus, and Xehanort.

The tone is just like any other Kingdom Hearts game. And the story premise: The hearts of Eraqus, Xahanort, and Sora have combined on the way to the Final World resulting in both King Deoxys' birth and people from different world being aware of each other's worlds like the Land of Dragons and Halloween Town.

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