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The Perfect Way to Bring Star Wars to Kingdom Hearts

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This is the one perfect way to bring Star Wars to Kingdom Hearts. Sure, Sora could go through the usual rhythm where he shows up on the Star Wars world, meets some Star Wars characters, helps them with their problems, and then moves on to the next step in his journey. However, this one perfect way would allow Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars to fluidly coexist in the same universe.

This is the way: https://www.thegummiblog.com/the-perfect-way-to-bring-star-wars-to-kingdom-hearts/



Ever since the KINGDOM HEARTS IV announcement trailer, fans have been losing their minds speculating about Star Wars coming to KINGDOM HEARTS. The part of the trailer with the beautiful, realistic forest supposedly contains a droid foot just barely peeking in at the top of the scene.

At first I thought it was just a rock, a very droid-foot-shaped rock. After seeing this video comparing the rock with the droid foot, I was convinced.

I think we can safely say Sora has a lightsaber Keyblade in his future.

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