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UPDATE: Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box Available for Pre-Order via Square Enix Japan; New Song & March 2023 Shipment

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Square Enix Japan has listed a new product to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, a vinyl LP box containing three records with a total of 36 songs.

Alongside recognizable tracks such as "Dearly Beloved," "Dive into the Heart -Destati-," "Traverse Town," and the KINGDOM Orchestra instrumental version of "Chikai," a new song from the 20th Anniversary trailer, "Reality in the Dark" will be included. This is likely what plays during the Kingdom Hearts IV segment, specifically. 

Moreover, an illustration card of Nomura's 20th Anniversary art will be included. Fans can pre-order this package for ¥16,500, ahead of its planned March 22, 2023, shipment. Each vinyl also has its own cover depicting Kingdom Hearts I, II, and III

It is worth noting that the vinyl records' official website implies that the product will become available for the North American and European Square Enix stores. Additionally, Aitai Kuji has the package available for pre-order. 

You can view official images of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary LP Box via our gallery below:

UPDATE 12/21/2022: The package is available for pre-order from Square Enix North America and Square Enix Europe for $159.99/€149.99 with planned shipments of April 2023 and May 2023, respectively. 

Further, the track list was provided, viewable below:

Disc 1:

Side A:

1. Dearly Beloved
2. Simple and Clean -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
3. Dive into the Heart -Destati-
4. Destiny Islands
5. Treasured Memories
6. Kairi I
7. Destiny's Force
8. Traverse Town

Side B:

1. Blast Away! -Gummi Ship I-
2. Hand in Hand
3. Hollow Bastion
4. End of the World
5. Always on My Mind
6. Vector to the Heavens

Disc 2:

Side A:

1. Dearly Beloved
2. Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
3. Lazy Afternoons
4. Tension Rising
5. Roxas
6. Sora
7. Working Together
8. Organization XIII

Side B:

1. The 13th Reflection
2. The Other Promise
3. Riku
4. Darkness of the Unknown
5. Rage Awakened

Disc 3:

Side A:

1. Don't Think Twice -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
2. Face My Fears -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-
3. Dearly Beloved -KINGDOM HEARTS III Version-
4. Forza Finale

Side B:

1. Dark Domination
2. Vector to the Heavens -Xion-
3. Nachtflugel
4. KINGDOM HEARTS IV Trailer (tentative name)

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5 hours ago, Inçendyne said:

Who in the demographic range would play or have something to play vinyl records anymore? Unless they are CDs designed to look like them and even those are being phased out.

Vinyl records are literally the most popular format of physical music nowadays. Been that way for a couple years now. You can walk into any store like Walmart, Target, urban outfitters, or Barnes and nobles and buy records. They even make limited edition exclusive pressings.

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God, I've been waiting for this for a long time. Will be buying this immediately once the North America Pre-order goes live. If it takes too long to go live I'll get the Aitai Kuji one because of FOMO lol

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