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Tsum Tsum App: March KH Tsums and Event

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Earlier this March, the global version of Line Disney Tsum Tsum introduced 3 new KH tsums: Sora & Roxas pair tsum, King Mickey (KH3 Version), and Dark Riku, who are all in the Premium Box for the remainder of the month. At present, new tsums Axel and Namine have Lucky Time going, meaning that you have an increased likelihood of pulling them from the Premium Box. At the end of the month there will be a Lucky Time for all 5 of the new tsums at once.

There is also a KH themed event going called "Battles in the Tsum World," which sees you visiting various worlds from the KH series and battling Heartless. In-game KH themed pins will be awarded for clearing specific worlds. There is also a Sticker Book event coming that can only be played with the 5 new tsums, also featuring a KH theme.


Sorry I'm late with this news!

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Thanks for sharing this, it’s always nice to see KH collaborations with other games and to be acknowledged by Disney. 

I was actually able to grab the Sora & Roxas pair tsum in my game and it’s been serving me well, got the platinum pin for the event thanks to it. I tried to grab Axel or Namine too but no luck and I don’t want to use up what few premium tickets I have haha. 

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