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What is your favorite final world in Kingdom Hearts?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite final world in Kingdom Hearts?

    • The End of the World
    • The World That Never Was
    • Keyblade Graveyard

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Posted (edited)

Even though BBS is my favorite KH game, I must admit the Keyblade Graveyard isn't so interesting to me, except as a backdrop for the characters' dramas.

But End of the World and The World That Never Was are such unforgettable experiences... It's difficult choosing between them, especially since they're both grand in wildly different ways.

End of the World is so desolate and otherworldly. It blurs the lines between divine, infernal, and even eldritch atmospheres. The music is so haunting and so mournful, even heavenly, as if you're in some twisted Paradise (I suppose it would be Paradise to the Heartless).

The World That Never Was is clearly artificial, but to such a sublime extent. The castle alone is like an emotionless man's vision of Heaven, detached from the shadowy emptiness of the streets beneath it. It's eerie, and I'm glad it returned in KH3D, but I really wish Maleficent pulled through and conquered the castle like she promised she would!

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, ocean's rage said:

after it collapsed? 

Keep in mind, this is Kingdom Hearts we're talking about. Yen Sid redecorated and Terra's armor spontaneously grew a cape. It would be very simple to explain how Maleficent got hold of the castle even after it collapsed. :D

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I like them all about the same.
They are all very suspenseful places to visit when you are at a low level, which is why I prefer to level up as much as possible before proceeding to those worlds.

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