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Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Cameo in Hazbin Hotel?

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Hello everyone last night Amazon Prime had release their latest episode of Hazbin Hotel. Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated show from A24 and Amazon Studios about a demon princess name Charlie Morningstar, the daughter of Lucifer. The series is about the crown princess of hell who builds a hotel to achieve her dreams to save all demons and sinners by putting them into a rehabilitation system so they can earn their second chance in hell, and be allow to go to heaven. It is an eight episode series and last night they release their final episode "The Show Must Go On." And during the end of the episode I saw the character Lucifer transforming his daughter's pet animal into a weapon in shape of a Keyblade. Now I don't know if this was a Kingdom Hearts easter egg intentional or what, but I thought it was pretty cool to see this detail from another show besides Disney.



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