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Power Jusho

What do you think is inside the Black Box?

What do you think is inside the Black Box?  

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  1. 1. What do you think is inside the Black Box?

    • A black coat
    • A character we haven't seen before
    • The Master of Masters
    • An unbelievable power
    • An item related to another character
    • Something else? Tell us down below!

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If memory serves, "hope" is supposed to be in the box.  When MoM whispered what is really in the box to Luxu, he wasn't shocked, more surprised in a "but, why?" kinda way. It's not something that is in-your-face important. Whatever it is, It's probably unassuming and will only serve as "hope" when the proper context is given. It could be something that hasn't been introduced yet. I vaguely remember (I could be wrong because I can't find the article again) that Nomura once said in a interview that there is no point in guessing and to just enjoy the mystery ride. 

This theory isn't mine but someone (I wish I give could proper credit but I forget who it was) said that the box could be a 'black box' akin to a plane's information black box. It holds the data of all of the keybladers who became dream eaters. If you have the data, you can return the wielders to their true form. 

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Whatever is inside that box, one thing for sure, it has something to do with the Master of Masters.   
Remember, it has the words "Superb" or something in it. And as you know, the Master and his apprentices have the names of the Seven Deadly Sins:   
+ Aced = "Acedia" (Sloth)  
+ Ira = "Ira" (Wrath)  
+ Invi: "Invidia" (Envy)  
+ Gula: "Gula" (Gluttony)  
+ Ava: "Avaritia" (Greed)  
+ Luxu: "Luxuria" (Lust)  
This only leaves "Superbia" (Pride), which must be the Master's real name, somehow.  

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