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Memories/Waiting for you

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With each passing day as I wait for you

The flowers around me,endlessly bloom


The memories chained deep inside my heart

Because of Namine's actions,they were torn apart


Bit by bit,they were scattered,then collected

But as time went by,I knew she felt neglected


So I stayed with her,until it was done

But then Diz betrayed her,kep't saying "She's shuned"


As that year went by,memorization supressed

I always kep't hidden,a girl depressed


Then I fought Nobodies,Humanoids,Heartless too

I wanted the feeling back,being right beside you


Now the journey is over,peace is restored

The enemies supressed forevermore


As our hearts intertwined,with memories new

Let me tell you this....


I'm still waiting for you




Well....what do u guys think? I wrote this poem Saturday when I went to my mom's mom's house.This kinda tells a story.....It's about me searching for Riku up until KH2.I was waiting for him on the Destiny Islands in a different version of my stories.....

Anyways,tell me what you think!

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Thanks Larexene12!




I entered this poem in a festival: Poetry and Prose.

They gave me an excellent on my certificate.Surprisingly enough,there was a lot of little kids there,and they were all entries. My friend Trinity was the olny other 8th grader that represented our school.Her poem was about Jenova,from Avdent Children.TIt turns out,she likes Final Fantasy too!

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