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Kingdom Hearts: The Untold story now on chapter 4...? yeahh

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- Chapter 1: Tippi's P.O.V-

"How come I just let them do that?" I asked myself " Your Majesty, you were only six" said a familiar voice... I turned and saw Sasha, her emerald green eyes starring at me. She never looked so serious, her shoulder length green hair was all knotted. " Sasha, take a break." I said then turned back to the stone of Malon, the first Queen. " I won't! I am your head maid! I can't just leave you in the woods!" Sasha said. She was wrong. I wanted to be alone, I deserve, for ten years I've carried the guilt of letting those 6 men kill my parents and Hikairi's. I never saw Hikairi or her twin Kairi since that day."I have always carried the burden, of letting those three die. Do you know what's that is like, Sasha!?" I yelled, not even wanting to look at her expression. " Yes. I have carried a burden too! But I don't let that get in the way! Now, You! You are the Queen of Light and Hearts! Do something for your kingdom! Instead of just lying there with guilt!" Sasha yelled back. " Your right, I do nothing, I only block off the darkness of my nobody Pixani each and every day, right? Not even her 11 followers can get here. And I do nothing!" I yelled back. Then I turned around and started walking, once I got past Sasha I said " You liar, you carry no burden." Then I walked back to my bedroom in my castle.

- Sasha's P.O.V-

" Your wrong, I carry the burden of letting Queen Malon turn herself into stone. After she granted me with eternal life. That was 10,000 years ago. Yours was 10. Now, I stay here, doing what I do best. My... only family member, embarked in stone. How is that for guilt?" I said aloud to myself. Then I walked back to the castle.

- Sora's P.O.V-

"Well, it's been 6 months, weird huh Riku?" I said to Riku who was leaning against the tree that I was sitting on. " Yeah, it is-" Riku was cut off by him sniffing the air. " Riku, what's wrong?" Kairi said with a worried expression on her face. " Darkness." Riku said. " Riku stop kidding around your scaring me!" yelled Kairi. " No, I am not kidding. it's REALLY dark too, darker than... Ansem's or Xemnas's..." Riku said with a worried look. I turned to Kairi who was looking at Riku. Then I looked in the sky, it then turned dark. " What the hell?" I said. " Hahahahahhah!!! I have finally found them!" Said someone " Who's there?!?" Yelled Riku summoning his keyblade, and Kairi and I summoned our's. " Ha." Said the same voice, then She appeared in front of us. She had a long black jacket, with a short red dress, long blond hair, and she had the nobody symbol for earrings and a necklace to match. " Hello. I have been looking for you three, I need to use you. Ummm girl with girly flower keyblade." said the girl, she was about 16. " Me?" Said Kairi. " No, the spiky haired boy next too you. YES YOU!" She said with anger/annoyance in her voice. " What do you want with Kairi?" Riku and I both said at the same time. " So, her name is Kairi. Well mine is Pixani. Also, what I want with her is none of your business!" Said Pixani. " Fine, we'll fight you then you can tell us!" I said, her reply was laughter..." I am not going to fight such weaklings! And, I am going to take her by force then!" She said then she kneed Riku in the gut and kicked me away from Kairi, then she grabbed her and disappeared. "KAIRI!" I yelled!


- Tippi's P.O.V-

I was peacefully laying down in bed, then I sensed a Princess of Heart in trouble. So I quickly put on my my whit tang-top and white shorty short and sneaker that went up to my knees and teleported to where she was.

- Destiny Islands ( still Tippi's P.O.V)

I saw Pixani disappear with a girl and I ran as fast as I can to the spot. I missed them by an inch and fell into the water (-.-')

- Riku's P.O.V-

Sora and I saw a girl about my age (16) with long brown hair whit clothes and sneakers... fall into the water. " Shouldn't we help her?" I asked Sora who was still on the ground. " You can go." Sora said. " Okay." After that I got up and jumped in the water. I saw her swimming back to shore and I quickly follow once on the beach she spoke. " Hello, I am sorry for letting Pixani get your friend." The girl said. " You know-" After that I realized they looked like sister, except one had red eyes, and this one had blue. " Yes. She is my nobody. I am Queen Tippani, call me Tippi." She said. " Wait, Queen of what?" I said. " Light and Hearts... I am so sorry, which princess is she?" She said, starring at me. " Umm Kairi. Does this meen Pixani is Queen of Darkness and Nobodies?!" I said. " Kairi?!?!?!?! And YES! WE NEED TOO FIND KAIRI!"




Sorry for short chapter I will make a chapter 2! very soon!

Chapter 2

- Tippi's P.O.V-

I explained to Sora and Riku everything about Pixani and why she would want Kairi. You know, to get in my kingdom! I didn't know where her hide-out was though... " We should go back to my kingdom." I said to Riku and Sora. " Yeah, maybe we should" Agreed Riku. " Okay, maybe she'll show up." said Sora. " I don't know, my barrier is strong. But, then again, maybe. I don't wanna take any chances." I said looking down. " Don't worry, we'll get Kairi and stop Pixani." said Riku trying to make me feel better. " Thanks, come on you two hold on to me." In said. " Um, why?" said Sora. " How did you think I got here? I teleported silly!" I said. " That's cool!" said Riku who then held on to my arm. Sora, then held on to my other arm and well we ended up in my castle Dining Hall.

- Riku's P.O.V-

I opened my eyes and we were in a big room with a table and chandeliers over it. " This is my castle Dining room! There are a lot more rooms!Sasha and I can give you a tour!" said Tippi. " Who's Sasha?" " Me." Said a woman with Emerald green eyes, and dark green shoulder length hair. " Sasha, can you set up two rooms for these two?" Said Tippi. " Yes, you majesty." said Sasha and left. " She is the head maid of my castle. She is a very good friend of mine." Said Tippi " Um your majesty?" said a girl with two blue buns on the side on each her head and a purple tang top with a black miniskirt and purple and black stripped leggings on. " Yes, Harle?" replied Tippi " Um, something strange happened to me while you were gone." she said with wide blue eyes. " What happened?" Said Tippi with a worried expression. " Umm watch." she said and then she put her hand out and a keyblade appeared in her hands. It was a keyblade! " Let me examine it." Said Tippi. " Okay." said Harle with a weird expression on her face. After that she summoned her keyblade. It had a moon crsent that was silver for the blade, the rest looked like Sora' Ultima execpt it was blue and silver. After fifteen minutes Tippi finally said, " Silver Rest, that is the name. Now, I will be in my study, ask someone where it is if you need me. Bye." and then she left. " Well, I'll be going back to my room. Bye you two!" said Harle. " Wow, that was awkward." Said Sora. " Not really, I'm going to find my room." I said then I left.


srry it was short i am busy with school and all! I promise chapter 3 will be longer! I PROMISE!

Sora's P.O.V

( Next Morining)

I woke up with the sounds of running and laughter in the hall. I was not in it so I wondered and I got up and opened my door and saw a little girls one with short red hair, another with medium brown and the last one looked like Kairi when she was little. The one with red hair, the one who looked liked Kairi when she was young, but had brown eyes said, " Who are you?". The other two stopped and looked. " Hikairi be nicer!" yelled the one who looked like her. That name... Hikairi were do I recognize that?! Then then one with brown hair said, " Anyway stranger, this is Kairi and Hikairi I am princess Tippani! Call me Tippi!" After that I was stunned then I heard someone call my name. " SORA! WAKE UP!" the person said. Then I closed my eyes and opened them and I was really awake this time. I saw Riku there and he had a worried look on his face. " What?" I said. The he replied, " Were you having a nightmare or something?", " You were all rolling and talking I got worried." he said. " Oh, no I just had a st-" I was cut off by a knock at the door. So I got up and answered it, it was Sasha, she was with Harle, they both looked worried. " What's wrong?" I said, after that Riku came over. " Well, her highness wasn't in her room, study-" Harle sais, she was cur off by Sasha, " Or the woods, where she always goes, she hasn't been see since last night." Sasha said. " Well, where else does she go?" Riku asked. " We are not sure, she missed her training with the King." said Harle. " She has a husband?!" Riku said. Sasha and Harle laughed. Then Harle said " We thought you knew him! King Mickey!" " Oh! Yeah, wait he's here?!" Riku said with slight excitement. " Was. He went looking for her around the kingdom, we are afraid that... she... has already went to fight Pixani, without The true ruler weapon..." Sasha said with fret in her voice. " Don't worry Sasha, geez I go looking for someone AND succeed and you people get all WHOOSH!" yelled someone from across the hall. " You majesty! And..... ummm I am sooory we've never met." said Harle, I looked and the first thing I saw was Kairi, she was all healthy but, Tippi was all bloody, on her white tang top was blood and she looked like she received a beating. " Oh my! Y-your majesty what in the worlds hapenned to you?!" Sasha yelled running over to her. " Nothing." she said. " Nothing?! You saved me all those times from organization 13! And you promised me that you would go to your castles infirmary and get healed!" yelled Kairi, looking at her. " Kairi!" I yelled and ran down to the hall. " Well, I'll go now, I'll be in the infirmary like I promised Kairi." Said Tippi, then she started to walk down the hall and Riku said. " I'll take you... I mean if you-" Riku was cut off by Tippi. " Okay, I'd rather you then Sasha, no offense." Tippi said, then Riku went over to her and they walked away. " Who is organization 13?" asked Harle. " Well- wait. Organization 13 was there?!" I said, looking concerned. " Yes, Tippi said she would talk about it at breakfast time...she told me too ask a girl named Harle to train with her... and that I would be sharing a room with her. " said Kairi, when she was talking she was walking around. " Well, I am Harle. I just got my keyblade.... anyway, lets go!" said Harle. " OKay, she said in the woods, but no-where in the middle, because a sacred item is there. so let's go!" said Kairi and they both left. " So, Sasha, when IS breakfast?" I said to her, then I realized why she was smiling so much, I had my red-heart boxers on..... I sighed."In two hours, and Sora, you should get changed, I'll see you around." Sasha said then she left. " No wonder everyone was smiling"

-end- was that long enoguh? cos i am UBER busy! soo yeahhhhhhh... srry!


-Chapter 4-

-Harle's P.O.V-

After a break Kairi and I went back to the woods, I was wondering, in all of the books here, there was nothing saying something sacred in the forest, that got me wondering! sooooooo " Kairi, we did alot of training, so, why don't we go explore the sacred forest before traing again?" I said while walking towards. the big, green pine tree. Geez, I thought to myself, I wonder what secret could be in there. " Sure, why don't we!" Kairi agreed, so we both walked into the forest. Most of the time it was quiet, until we got to the middle it was AMAZING! " Whoa, what do you think it is Harle?" Kairi asked walking towards a statue that was covered with roses and in front was a little cushion. "Maybe, it is for kneeling and the statue is of the first Queen of hearts, Malon...?" I said kneeling on the little cushioned bench. " I don't know, is this the sacred item... but, it's a statue of a person..." Kairi said kneeling next to me. " We should some back later, we can ask her majesty, what this is. Also, to see how's she's doing!" I said then got up, " Come on!" I said, then Kairi nodded and got up. We both left.

-Riku's P.O.V-

Me and Tippi were walking in the VERY long halls, most of the time it was quiet then she said...

"You gave up to the darkeness then went into the middle huh?" then she looked at me. " Wha- how did you know?" I said looking at her with a strange look. "I can sense it in your heart, sorry, I was curious..." she said while blushing a little. "So, you sensed my heart, that must be pretty cool."I said then she stopped and walked in a door. " Come on this is the nurse!" she yelled inside the door. So, I walked in, it was her bedroom, no wonder we were ion the top floor. So I saw her on the bed, so I walked over. "Your the nurse?" I said with a smirk on my face. " Yeah, but Mickey showed me cure, but I don't like using my keyblades unless emergency or training." she said while walking over to her bathroom. "Wait, you have keyBLADES?!" I said while walking over to her in the bathroom. "" Yeah, I have two, well technically 3. You see I have Light and Darkness, fuse them and it makes Chaos. Pixani can do the same to make Soul of Darkness." she said then she washed her face off and got all clean again. "If you will excuse I needs to get changed." She said then pushed me out of the bathroom. 30 min later she came out because she took a shower. "Did I take to long?" she said "No, actually I wasn't even counting." I lied. "Okay! Hey, let's get breakfast, it is time!" she said then grabbed my hand we ran like we were running from a bomb of some sort.



Author's note: I will be making chapter 5 like this

Sora: bla bla bla *walks over* -yadayayay- **she swung her keyblade and aught intil the end**

like that!

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hey wen r u writing chapter 3?!


i will soon, i have to stop in the middle so i copy and paste it on word and save it so when i am done i can copy and paste then it'll be up! i havent had time cos school and homework and what not!

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YAY! good job !





CRAP! srry! ohh and btw to ppl who is reading this I asked Xion if she wanted a charatcer and the name and what not sooo she told me yayadyayya

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Here is Chapter 5 it is short.

-Chapter 5-

-Pixani's P.O.V


Me: Now, this is the FITH ONE THIS WEEK! Wanna know why?

Axel: Because they try to kill me?

Me: EXACTLY!Now, I am going to have to treat you guys like babies...

Vexen: But, Xemnas is number one. Not a 16 year old fool!

Me: *gives a death glare to Vexen* Xemnas, please explain to the usless number 4, what my power is and how I can kill him if he makes me mad, doesn't respect me ONE MORE TIME! Please.

Xemnas: Now, Number 4, the QUEEN may be 16 but more powerful than anyone here, which she has proven when she awakened us, and did all of these things with her powers. 1: Awoken us. 2: Gave us shadowed hearts. 3: Jinxed us so that we cannot be eliminated. 4: MADE us promise that if we betray, fight with each-other, or even defy her we get put into the darkness for eternity. Now, she was merciful with you MANY times, please do not ruin that.

Vexen: I am sorry, it shall never happen again.

Me: Thank you. -No WONDER Axel killed him....- NOW! You guys heard Xemnas right? NO FIGHTING WITH EACH-OTHER! THAT ALSO MEAN NO TRYING TO KILL EACH-OTHER! Got it.

Everyone else: Yes.

Me: Now, Xemnas, go on, I am tired of talking.

Xemnas: Now, fellow members, now that our queen has spoken about those matters, and questions?

Demyx: Yeah, umm, well, what are shadowed hearts?

Me: Glad someone FINALLY asked, well, Demyx, shadowed hearts are like hearts, but dark ones, made from darkness, and youcan only feel emotions with other members, but, you can still feel other emotions with others, but only anger, hatred and yadayadayada, get it?

Demyx: Yes, thank you.

Me: See, Vexen, treat me like Demyx treats me, you get prizes, like Axel got his own fire-place, Demyx got a jacuzzi, Marluxia got more room for another garden etc.

Vexen:: What will I get?

Me: More lab equipments, for better experiments.

Xemnas: Yes, now we will attack the Kingdom of Light-

Me: Tomorrow, I got enough light, using Hikairi, my little slave, we will be able too. Using her twin I was able to torture her with the help of Zexion and his powerful illusions. Thank you again.

Zexion: Welcome.

Xemnas: Meeting dissembled.

Hikairi's P.O.V


Me: I...have...to go now! LET ME OUT!

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WOW! Thx for putting me in! Weird, I'M A SLAVE, ^ ^, YAY- Oh wait that's a bad thing 0//0...-_- By the way, it's Hikari...H-I-K-A-R-I, got it memorized? (quote stolen from Axel, LOLs)


hehe nope!

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