I failed at VA

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Although I do understand that you get that this isn't the "best VAing ever......" it's an okay attempt, I'll give you that. Not near amazing, but it wasn't like....completely bad... o3o


If you're going to VA though might I suggest to get a better mic? Your voice will come out much cleaner and easier to hear. It was rather hard at times to hear the voices clearly.


However, when you're going to voice act you don't always have to portray the character how the original voice actor did. You can make it your own, but still consider the character and who he really is and what voice will fit that character. I didn't really feel like either character was portrayed appropriately, and their voices were far too similar to me. I would honestly include music, because it would add to the mood of the video, and it could also help you, the voice actor understand what "mood" your voices should make the watcher feel like.


But keep practicing! C:

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Can someone please close this?

Not cheering me up...


for a noob its pretty good. alot of peopel fall flat on their face, but Karisora06 has a point. here, the best way to do a charater is appprouch the charater in How YOU See them as. EX. when I do Sora, I see him as a whiney Brat,so when I vocie sora Thats how I approch him,and so far not really bad completes form anyone. You just need some practice.

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