Roxas and Xion and Future Wielding

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Assuming Roxas and Xion are somehow revived as their own people, do you think they’ll be able to wield a Keyblade? Now I know that the reason they can wield is because of Sora (and Roxas can dual wield because of Ven), but do you think they could obtain their own Keyblades?


If they receive their own hearts, perhaps the Rite of Succession could be performed on them. I imagine a Keyblade could easily choose them as they’d had one (because of Sora) before.


I guess I just think it’d be lazy of Nomura to make them lose the ability when it could easily be remedied. But what do you guys think? I want more playable Keyblade wielders (there’s only so much you can do just based on Sora). The worlds are in crisis. I think it’d be cool if Roxas and Xion could help out in the next saga.


Apart from this, what sort of Keyblades do you think Roxas and Xion would have? What would their fighting styles be?


And while we’re at it—mainly because I’ve seen a ton of fanfictions about this—do you think Naminé should someday get a Keyblade? Her Somebody is a wielder (and she was technically created from Sora)… I have a hard time imagining Naminé fighting with one, but whatever. I’m just curious about what you guys think. Let me know!




P.S. I just realized Roxas, at least, needs to get his own Keyblade. Can’t you just see the fangirls flipping out if he became useless? LOL


And I really want more strong, female Keyblade wielders. If Xion does come back (officially as a girl) and can wield, I think she could easily fill that role.

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I have to agree with AwesomeOne. I doubt that Roxas, and especially Xion will somehow return. Seeing as how Xion only wants to be remembered by many people, she may not physically come back to help Sora and Gang. As for Roxas, well, seeing as how he merged back with Sora to become whole again, it seems impossible for him to make a physical return as well. Unless of course, if Sora becomes a Heartless again. Which we all know Sora's not going to be willing turning into a Heartless once again.


As for if Roxas and Xion were

physically back (which I doubt it will happen) and weilding a keyblade. Well since Xion and Roxas are connected to Sora I'm pretty sure they will still be able to wield a keyblade. I mean look at Sora, when Ven's heart left him he was able to still wield the keyblade (mostly due to how his heart became strong enough). So if Xion and Roxas get their own hearts then I'm pretty sure they'll still wield a keyblade.


As for new characters. I rather not expect anymore new characters until after the events of KHIII. Sorry, but I rather not have anymore plot holes to make things more difficult. It's like this:


New characters + more plot holes = more games & longer wait for KH3.

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Though it’d be very hard for Roxas and Xion to be brought back (a lot of plot twisting would be involved), it’s not impossible. That’s the benefit of being the creator. Whatever Nomura says is law. So if he decided to bring them back some magical way (not saying he is doing that), we’d surely see them again.


If you ask a lot of people (including me), Blank Points and Re: Coded’s ending seemed to hint to this possibility. Once again, I know there’s a real chance they’ll never return, but let’s just imagine what would happen if they would.


I agree with KingdomHearts125. They probably would be able to wield Keyblades. Anyway, what do you think they might look like? What would you name them? And what are Roxas and Xion’s fighting styles? Everyone has their own style, right?


Also, I’m afraid I’ll have to disagree, RoxasKey2DestinyXx. Though Roxas has Ven’s heart and appearance, he’s also made of Sora’s body and soul. If anything he’s a mixture of the two. Even so, I think Roxas is a lot different from his counterparts. Sora and Ven actually seem more alike to me. LOL


Oh! And KingdomHearts125, I think you misunderstood me. I’m not seeking new characters before KH3 (I want that game as much as everyone else), but I’d like to see the current characters expanded on. It would open up more possibilities for the future. Also, I do hope there are some new characters after the Xehanort saga.


Well, thanks for the comments! It’s been a pleasure. I hope you guys think of more to say;)


Edit: I just realized something hilarious. Not only am I wearing my Organization XIII hoodie today (that I cosplayed as Xion in), but I made this post about Roxas and Xion, I’ve been editing a Roxas and Xion gmv, and even my Sig is of Roxas and Xion! Oh the irony. It must be a Xion day for me or something. LOL


And I highly agree, Kinode. I want Xion back! She’s one of my favorite characters! So much more useful than Kairi or Naminé.


By the way, I don’t mean to offend any Kairi or Naminé lovers. I actually love them, too. I just love Xion a bit more. LOL


I also agree that Ansem's research might be the key to save everyone. Either that or the memories stored inside of Sora that aren’t his. Let's all cross our fingers that a miracle will occur; let’s hope our favorite characters are restored.

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