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Guest cal_blueboy

Post a picture of yourself!

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Aw, you're so gorgeous, Rose~! c:


Axel... You're too purdy~! O.O You have such gorgeous eyes~! =3


Hehe, my hair used to be to my calves. o3o It was long and wavy, so I'd straighten it board straight. xD Then I chopped it. It was long in the front and short in the back for a while. xD Then I let it all grow out naturally. So now it's just really layered and below my shoulder. o:


Hehe, I wanna be a cosmetologist someday, so I like to do funky things to my hair, like coloring it. Atm, it's blond, copper, and a little TINY bit of brown's in it, along with some red.


Sorry... I like talking hair. xD *dying to work at a Beauty shop, shot* 'xD

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Lol ty... o.o


And I love doing weird things with my hair! I've even dyed it with COOL AID before. I'm dying it "Axel-red" before school starts up again. And my friends always have me bleach, dye, cut their hair for them. I also tend to cut my own hair. My hair is longer than it was in that picture, my hair grows pretty fast. http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif

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Aw, but it's cool that it gets wet when curly, Luzze~! 8D That's fanceh~!


And yw, Rose. o.o Haha, cool aid~? Now THAT is seriously awesome. xDDD


You're welcome, Axel~! 8D Oh, yup, I hated it when my bangs were growing out... xD That was such a pain. It was like these cartoon characters when I was blowing the hair out of my face. xD Hehe, and it is~! It is~! =D


Though, I always end up burning myself on the blow dryer or stregner... >http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/ohmy.gif

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xD thanks >w> they have little holes on the side, too. i thought they were neat. -bragbrag- o.o these are the only glasses i've ever liked, rofl.




blurry is better than heavily saturated from a webcam xD

you play drums? o:


and post a picture of your lover, i want to see if you guys match.

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Awesome glasses, Cellar~! =D You look oh so sophisticated~! *blows bubble pipe* lol


Aw, I like your bear, Angelic~ x3 You're so cute, and your hair looks lovely~! =3


Omg, you're in a band, Gun~? =D That is RAWKIN' awesome~!~! >D


Haha, and go for it, Aaron~! xD

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<3 thanks >w>


thanks again xD

psh, geeksftw 8D


everyone loves the glasses, eh? xD

Sophisticated? really? o.o


yes, yes i do. v-v

and aww, you're pretty :3 /that didnt sound creeper at all o.o


orly? great mind think a like?

did you post a pic in here? o:


and aaron


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