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Chapter 1[/align]


Feeling a wave of nausea sweep over his entire body, Jason sat up slowly in the hospital bed, his hand attached to the side of his head. He blinked twice and glanced around the room, looking for an answer to where he was. A nurse walked in briskly with tert taps of her heels clicking the ground, oblivious to his awake state. She checked his IV bag, replaced it with a new fuller one, and walked right back out the way she came in as if he didn't exist. Jason frowned, moaning aloud, "What happened last night..." He shook his head trying to clear up his memory, yet nothing came to mind but a now known ache that throbbed in his head. Groaning, he lay back down on the plush white pillows on his bed. Then, all of the sudden, two knocks sounded at the door, and his green eyes shot open, seeing who was the unexpected visitor. A smile was worn on her face, and he instantly recognized who she was. It was his girlfriend of three months, Erika.


"So you finally decide to wake up, huh, sleeping beauty?" She joked, sitting on the edge of his bed carefully and having an overglazed stare at him as her smile soon faded as if someone took a needle and pricked her cheek. She kept her distance, and sat there with the same look on her face.


"How long was I out?" Jason's expression changed to confusion, and he looked down, pulling out his white beater tank top to see if anything was on it. Nothing but a whole mess of blood stains. He wrinkled his brow and shifted his gaze back to her, ruffling his golden brown hair.


"Do you know what the hell happened?" He asked her in a frustrated tone, hoping he'd get some answers already.


"Yeah. And you were out for a week. You had me worried." She replied, glancing quickly at his neck and back down again. "But...I cant exactly say anything here." Her light blue eyes searched around the room as if she were trying to stray away from the subject, and she then stood up from the bed, twisting a piece of her california-blonde hair around her finger uncomfortably. This started to annoy Jason even more. What was so secretive that he couldn't hear at this instant? In anger, he slammed his fist down on the bed, sitting straight up, the heartbeat monitor started to beep too fast and Erika turned around swiftly, rushing over to his side and rubbing his shoulder.


"You've gotta calm down, okay? You cant get your blood pressure up or-" She cut herself off, closing her gaping mouth and stopping her hand motions. "I just forgot, my mom is meeting me for dinner like, now. I'll visit you later, okay, Jason?" She assured, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek and heading out the door more quicker than necessary. "Bye!"


He was more than mad by now, but he heeded her words and started rubbing his eyes, grumbling curses under his breath. What was she freaking staring at- He felt at his neck, where her eyes were basically blued to before, and trembled for a second. Feeling at the two marks on his neck, he knew what the big deal was. And he remembered what happened. The memories flashed through his mind like a movie in fast-forward.


That week ago. That day his life changed.

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