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My First song:My light

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I can't fall asleep...

It feels like you're always there

I still try to breathe...

Even if there's no air


One day,I hope we'll be together

On this big blue marble

And when that day comes


I'll show you my light

My life,the person inside of me

I'll show you my light

My life,my ability


When I open my eyes,

you're right there

When I look at the sky,

It's bright and clear


I can't be without you baby,

So will you be mine?

Can you be by my side?

Can you do this for me,

until the end of time?


I'll show you my light,

My life,the inner part of me

The other side that waits for you...


Na na na na na,

Na na na na na,(x2)

yeah yeah


My Light




Well? What do you think?I wrote this 2 or 3 years ago so no flaming!

If you guys can guess who this is about,I'll give you praise and cookies!

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Ha ha ha! Yep u knew alright!


Oh,here's another one.


I'm sitting here

Already miss you

I don't know what to say

What the hell am I gonna do?


We said our goodbyes

You left me in the night

I'm sitting here alone

just crying out my eyes


I'm moved to tears

not submitted to fear

You told not smile

At least,not for a while


"Just let me go"

That's what you said

But what a mistake

i didn't contemplate


You don't even know how strong I am

my emotions don't hurt me

they're locked away instead


I can't say I'm sorry

'cause you're already dead

Not in my head

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