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How Ran got into Twilight Town.

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Okay I am not very good with this but tell me what you think(Don't lie!!!).


Here goes:


On a summer day in the Lost Village of Mayohiga, a Human-fox girl was wandering around the place. "Ahh...what to do..." She tilts up her head and looks at the sky. "The sky looks so nice when the sun is going to set. The red sun and the orange sky..."


The girl continues to walk on. She stopped in a shop where they sell fried tofu. "Oba-chan, can I have some fried tofu please?", the old woman happily gives her the fried tofu.


When the girl reached home, a Human-cat girl was sitting there. "Welcome home, master." said the cat-girl with a smile on her face. "Hi Chen. Today we are having fried tofu again, I hope you don't mind." "I will eat whatever my master eats."


That night, the fox-girl looked at the night sky. "I wish we could be somewhere with more people." Right after the fox-girl said that, a voice came into her head. "Enter the portal and you will find the place you seek." The girl turned around to see who is there. "I guess it's just my imaginations." Then, she went back to sleep.


The next day, she opened her eyes and found herself lying in the middle of the street! "Where is this place?! Where did all these buildings came from?!"

She wandered around and looked at the place. When she came to a back alley, she heard at least 3 people talking. "Today, we are going to the beach!" She went to take a look. She saw 4 kids talking about their summer vacation.


She ignored them and went back to the place she came from. Then, she saw a black portal and 3 people came out. "When we finshed the mission, will we go to the clock tower?" asked a boy with yellow hair. "Of course." answered a red-headed man. "Will we have sea-salt ice cream?" A girl with short black hair asked. "Yep." said the red-headed man.


The fox-girl heard their conversation and said to herself "Maybe this is the place I seek"



Okay. That's gonna be continued. Please tell me what you think~

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