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you're DYING ?! OMG SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE !! *dials 911*


Operator: Hello?

Me: Yip well, someones dying

Operator: DYING did you say ?

Me: Get a hearing aid, YES i said dying


Me: Thats what I said

Operator: Wanna go to the arcade ?

Me: Uhm no, someones dying.

Operator: .... and ?

Me: *hangs up*


Okay... stuff the ambulance >.>

I'll just hafta speed up the process cuz I aint doing no CPR !

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coded...i'm going to kill you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


by the way 8 days left


o. m. f. g.

RUNNNNNNN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's a reason she's called no. it's the last word that her victims say.



*hands it over*

i always keep ammo in my pocket for these kind of situations.


you keep ammo but no gun? xD makes perfect sense


well, it often happens that I get people high on ice cream, and they end up blowing up worlds.

It wasn't Xehanort's fault. it was the drug addicts.

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i still haven't gotten it 100%...

I haven't even beaten the english version -_-'

this is one of the few random topics that I've seen that actually goes toward kh, and not away from it...

dot dot dot

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well, the world is going to end in seven days, and it's not going to be caused directly by no. she just predicted it.

The thing is, she's probably going to target me because i said that she loved yaoi 0_o

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