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When I was younger my mother used to tuck me into bed before I went to sleep. After that she would read me a story, a bedtime story, it was "Eye Of The Tiger" TM. Within this story there contained a tiger (duh!!), one that antagonised me. My mother didn't get it though, for she thought I was crazy. But I would laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Mother knows best my (am I aloud to curse on here to be safe) a**. Anyways, this tiger had an eye (doesn't every animal have an eye or eyes hopefully) that was very peculiar because, it was red. A beastly red, mostly seen in blood. I was scared, very timid, and alone in my dark room (haha, her room is the darkest in the house, aren't parents awesome!). I couldn't see anything, but one night the tiger helped me out, he made his bright and vicious bloodshot eyes shine so I could see his gruesome face and believe me it was scary as f***. I automatically pee on myself and run out the room (and of course she slips on her pee, what a dumba**!) but I slip on my pee and get dragged back in. I kick and scream but it was as if my mom was ignoring me (what a bi*** right) and she never came that night.






TO READ MORE YOU MUST DEMAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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