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Roleplay with anyone :)

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Ooooh! I wanna join.


Name: Elena.

Age: 14.

Eye Colour: Dark.

Hair Colour: Black

Hair: Just longer than shoulder-length, jagged fringe, straight

Element: Darkness

Abilities: (um, whats this roleplay about ? i'll decide then)

Weapons: (um, whats this roleplay about ? i'll decide then)

Personality: Pesimistic, Emo, Quiet, Stubborn


Hehe I've never been someone like her before ! What else d'ya wanna know ? And whats YOUR character profile ?

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I'm in


Name: Lulu Claymore

Age: 17

Eye Colour: crimson

Hair Colour: silver

Hair: layered and longer on the left side to cover her eye

Element: fire

Abilities: able to move quickly and swiftly through enemies and very accurate with weponary.

Weapons: throwing knives and twin swords.

Personality: quiet but observent makes up for her lack of speech with her writing.

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Here is mine:


Name:Ran Kitsune (Kitsune Ran in japanese version)

Age:12 (In reality she's 800)

Hair:Orange, shoulder length


Personality:Usually quiet,dangerous if angered.GIVE HER FRIED TOFU IF YOU HAVE THEM!!! She'll go mad if you don't give her some, and she can go berserk when she's drunk.



Yay~ Okay the roleplay is in Destiny Islands~

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I wanna join!


Name: Zora

Age: she says that shes 15

Gender: female

Hair Long ruby red hair that she keeps in a ponytail.

Eyes: Bright red

Appearence: Silver/gray shirt with sleeves that cover her hands. Black shorts. White Belt. Black collar. Knee high white boots.

Markings: Blak swirl on her stomach and 2 orange stripes on each sholder.

Personality: Mysterious. She's reserved and keeps to herself because she was raised in isolation. She controles wind, time and illusion. She moved to destiny Island recently and lives by her self.

Weapon: An assortment of fans as well as a crystal ball.



OK! I'm ready!

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Age:13(Physically 15)

Hair:Shoulder length black hair,has a purple hairband with long ends

Eyes:Bright Emerald-like

Personality:Creative,entergetic,intellegient,is usually nice....unless you piss her off

Weapon:A custom keyblade,the Hikari's Sanctuary.She'll pretty much use anthing as a weapon

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Eye color:goldish brown.

Hair color:blonde

hair style:down to the bottom of the neck.long and flowy.


appearence:red tangtop,white jacket with fur in the hood.Black jeans and white sneakers.

Weapon:Ultima Weapon

personality:funny,goofy,fun-loving,caring,scamming,desceptive,always knows when to play along.

Bio:He comes from destiny islands and is an uncle of sora,but sora doesnt know.

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miguel took his guitar and hit the orange that Ran threw.the orang was hit on a stone and orange fluids squirted out of the orange and the rock was covered with orange juices.

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